90 Day Great Body Challenge

30 Sessions. 90 Days. A Whole New Body!


Sometimes we all need a little extra support, accountability and an end goal! Start your personal wellness journey and feel the transformation in just 90 days!

Whether you choose to do One-to-One Private Sessions or Group Classes Playhouse Pilates will help you fine-tune and customize your goals in 30 sessions over 90 days:

  • FREE Assessment Sessions are included that will document your progress and inspire you to keep going!  

  • All of your Sessions are done with skilled, certified, experienced trainers

  • Semi-Private Classes are small, giving you even more individualized attention

Unlike the exhaustion that comes with a ‘Boot Camp’ style challenge, our 90 Day Challenge will leave your body feel energized! You will lay a foundation for life long fitness as your body develops deep layers of strength, alignment and conditioning.  After completing your 30-in-90 you can see and feel THE DIFFERENCE!

Year Round Open Enrollment:  Start your Challenge ANYTIME. All sessions must be completed within the 90 days.**

Please, always consult with your primary health care practitioner before starting any exercise or weight management program.

“In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see a difference, and in 30 sessions you’ll have a whole new body”


Case Studies


90-Day-Great-Body-Challenge results! This client significantly improved her nutrition, stays hydrated and has a positive attitude! This process is helping with her scoliosis. 


LEFT:  6-7 Days a week at the Gym (spinning, yoga, weights)  RIGHT:  3 DAYS-A-WEEK OF PILATES at the 45-Day Mark of her 90-Day-Great-Body-Challenge

 Challenge Options



  • 10 Private Sessions

  • 10 Semi-Private Equipment Sessions

  • 10 Semi-Private Mat Sessions

  • 1 55-minute Assessment Session

  • 1 30-minute Check-in

  • 1 30-minute Check-out




  • 30 Private Sessions

  • 1 60-minute Assessment Session

  • 1 30-minute Check-in

  • 1 30-minute Check-out


Custom options available upon request. 

*Check or Cash Option. 2% Credit Card Fee applies.

**Applicable conditions:  You must have completed all 30 sessions and assessment tools included in the Challenge package consecutively (no fewer) and or no more than 90 DAYS from your first session date in order to be eligible for a refund.  If you are unable to complete the Challenge due to illness, you will need to provide a letter from your health care provider in order to extend your sessions beyond the 90 day time limit.   Upgrades and customization available or you can chose the All Private Option.  This is now a regular Package at Playhouse Pilates.  You can repeat the challenge four times in a 12 month period if you want to!!


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