About Playhouse Pilates


Playhouse Pilates is a Mind-Body Studio in South Pasadena, California offering Body Smart & Performing Art programs based in Pilates concepts and principles since 2007.

Our studio specializes in Private and Semi-Private sessions in a friendly and welcoming setting for all ages, genders and fitness levels! We offer state of the art programs and equipment for whole body wellness and better living. Come see if Playhouse Pilates is right for you!

For over 25 years Charlyn Huss d’Anconia, MA, PMA®-CPT, DHS, has been teaching movement and Pilates. Her own struggles with scoliosis inspired her to begin a Pilates practice and discover its life changing effects. Charlyn opened Playhouse Pilates in 2007 on the belief that she could help people of all ages, stages and genders transform their health and lifestyle through the practice of Pilates.

As the community of members grows, the need for more than just a great exercise program grows, as well. Like us as teachers, our clients crave the kind of knowledge that could help them achieve whole body wellness and complete fitness; beyond contemporary fitness standards. To this end, we offer nutrition and digestive health services because assimilating what is consumed is almost more important than what is ingestedbeyond kale & calories after all, right? So, what is the level of health you desire?

We have focused Pilates challenges, as well as an array of products and services to provide our community with life-long solutions to their questions about exercise, body contouring, nutrient assimilation and wellness.

Come join our community. Schedule a online, by phone or in-person consultation with one of our team members or, just stop in and try a class! Find out if Playhouse Pilates is right for you.


 Our mission is to help people live strong, vibrant and pain-free lives through optimal alignment and movement.

Optimal alignment of the spine and pelvis and strengthening, what we call ‘the powerhouse’, through learning and practicing Pilates concepts and principles (including centering, breath, concentration, control, precision and flow) can restore balance throughout the body and mind and make all activities more efficient and pleasurable. All of our programs are approached through the prism of Pilates.

‘Body Smarts’ simply refers to those classes and programs that are focused specifically on physical and mental conditioning, understanding, healing and wellness. Such as our Pilates, Yamuna Body & Face, and Body Conturing Programs.

‘Performing Arts’  refers to those programs that use specific techniques – subtle and often rigorous physical training – to help you learn how to exercise your imagination, understand and care for your body as an instrument, achieve vocal and physical confidence, gain poise and process anxiety.  This training can bring you closer to your Peak Performance potential through our workshops and classes in Performance (acting, music and dance), Creative Wellness, and Performing Arts Pilates™ .

Oxidative Stress contributes to signs of Decline in the Body and Mind that are often categorized as signs of Aging.  We believe that there is a difference between Aging and Declining, one we cannot control and the other we can significantly and positively impact!


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