A customized and personalized nutrition program that focuses on what your body needs.


Nutrition is about more than just what we consume.

We’re often told eating organic, home-prepared food is the answer to our quest for health and fat loss, but why doesn’t it work? Nourishing our bodies is more than just picking the right foods, it’s about discovering the nutrients your body truly needs. Playhouse Pilates believes using scientific data to develop practical and real world approaches to whole body wellness. We understand that it’s as important to feed your brain as it is your body!

Customized & Personalized: Our program focuses on what yourbody needs. By measuring what you are actually absorbing and discovering what imbalances you're dealing with we can set attainable and more importantly, sustainable goals to bring you into balance.

Lifestyle Sustainability™: Nutrition and diet programs are numerous and ever changing. But how many of them address long term sustainability? We believe in giving you the tools to make lasting transformations to your health and nutrition. By teaching you to have a healthy relationship with food instead of promoting a ‘diet’ you can transform both mind and body.



Digestive Health Package

Reset your digestive system and reduce bloating!


  • 1 - 55 minute session ($75 Value)

  • 2 - 25 minute sessions ($100 Value)

  • Health & Eating Assessment ($197 Value)

  • Basic Lab & Testing ($95 Value)

  • Personalized shopping & pantry list ($197)

  • 2 Week Eating Plan ($197)



Life Enrichment Package

Reset your digestive health and learn and implement lasting changes that will bring you more energy, vitality and reshape your body.


  • 2 - 55 minute sessions ($150 Value)

  • 6 - 25 minute sessions ($300 Value)

  • Hands on Cooking Session $197 Value)

  • Health & Eating Assessment ($197 Value) 

  • Basic Lab & Testing ($95 Value)

  • Personalized Shopping & Pantry List ($197 Value)

  • Farmers Market Seasonal Shopping ($197 Value)

  • Customized 8 Week Eating Plan ($297 Value)



A La Carte Menu of Services

All of our coaching services are highly customized and personalized to optimize your wellness journey. 


1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

Personal and private nutrition coaching in 25 or 55-minute sessions. You can meet with our Nutrition & Digestive Health Specialist either in person or over the phone, making it convenient anytime or anywhere! These sessions can easily be booked online.

25-min session - $50

55-min session - $75


Farmer's Market Seasonal Shopping

Visit a local Farmer's Market with our Nutrition & Digestive Health specialist and learn how shop for seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables. We show you how to recognize quality and value among vendors and products, including what organic and other certifications actually mean and knowing when items are priced right. We also teach you how to create a menu from your shopping list and ways to get creative with seasonal offerings.



Cooking Session

Learn how to create meals quickly and easily that suit your taste and lifestyle! We can show you how to keep the right ingredients and staple items on hand in your pantry, cupboards, fridge and freezer to minimize waste. The cooking session includes shopping guidelines and meal planning ideas. This is a basic cooking session with an experienced cook, not a professional chef!



Personal Nutrition Profile

Signs & Symptoms Survey: This personal survey is essential to understanding the health and nutrition story of You. What do you consume? How do you feel on a day-to-day, month-to-month, year-to-year basis about your health and well-being? What are your challenges and goals?

Food Preferences Survey: Created by Playhouse Pilates owner, Charlyn d'Anconia this survey helps create a customized approach for our clients when designing a nutrition plan. Our goal is to help you build a healthy relationship with food. We discover your preferences and how to translate that into eating foods that are nourishing and satisfying to you so you can achieve attainable and sustainable lifestyle results.



The 24-Loomis Urinalysis

The 24-hour Loomis-Urinalysis test primarily helps determine enzyme deficiencies in our body. This home-test is not a medical test covered by insurance. It is designed to assess enzyme and nutritional deficiencies. In addition it can reveal digestive issues such as toxicity, allergy patterns as well as indigestive issues such as bloating and general discomfort. This test gives a highly personalized picture of what your body is actually assimilating of what you are consuming.

$95 (Combined with the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner)


Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner

The Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner is the world’s first measuring tool that gives you a Skin Carotenoid Score (SCS)—immediate evidence of carotenoid antioxidant activity in your body. By placing the palm of your hand in front of the scanner’s safe, low-energy blue light, Within seconds you will obtain a reading of the carotenoid antioxidant levels in your skin which has been scientifically correlated to overall antioxidant status.  In less than one minute you can find out if your diet, lifestyle, and supplements provide the antioxidant protection you need for promoting health.

$95 (Combined with the 24-Loomis Urinalysis)


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