Pilates Mastery & Teacher Training

450-Hour Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training & Continuing Education


Has Pilates changed your life? Did it start you on a better path to wellness? Do you ever talk about its benefits so often you’ve thought, Maybe I should teach Pilates and help others understand how amazing it is?

We feel the same way and that’s why Playhouse Playhouse offers a year round, 450 hour Pilates Teacher Training and Continuing Education program with owner, Charlyn d'Anconia. 

We understand that making a commitment to become a Certified Pilates teacher can be a big step! That’s why, starting Winter 2019, will we begin offering an interactive Webinar to help you better understand our Mastery program. We can’t wait to answer your questions, discuss techniques and show you how becoming a Certified Pilates instructor can change your life!

Our Mastery program is a comprehensive, 450 Hour* Mat & Machine program that includes Modules, Sessions, Exams & Completion Certificate for the following Pilates areas:

  • Pilates Mat Plus Accessories & Small Apparatus for Mat      

  • Pilates Reformer      

  • Pilates Trapeze Table      

  • Pilates Wunda Chair      

  • Ladder Barrel, Arm Chair & PediPul      

  • Pilates Reformer Jump Board      

  • Foot Corrector Series & Apparatus

Pilates Mastery & Teacher Training Q&A Webinar

Coming in Winter 2019 

This interactive webinar with Charlyn d'Anconia is designed to introduce you to our Pilates Mastery & Teacher Training Program. You will learn how this unique program responds to a need for deeper training in the Pilates method and in producing qualified Pilates teachers. Special bonuses included toward our training programs for attending!

Our enrollment process is as flexible and personalized as our Master Program. Please contact us to schedule a Q & A session in our Pasadena studio or in an online webinar.

Email or call us with questions: corebodyknowledge@gmail.com or (626) 371-0000 ext 2.



Mixed Privates or Classes $6,100 | All Private Option $8,600.00  

A la carte Pricing per Tier:  Mixed / All Private 

Tier 1 (Beginner)
$2,497 / $3,147

  • 18 hours PMA Lab & Lecture Hours

  • Weekend intensive

  • 90 Day Challenge 

Tier 2 (Intermediate)  
$1,997 / $2,647

  • 18 hours PMA Lab & Lecture Hours

  • Weekend intensive

  • 90 Day Challenge 

Tier 3 (Advanced)
$1,997 / $2,647

  • 18 hours PMA Lab & Lecture Hours

  • Weekend intensive

  • 90 Day Challenge

Program Pricing Includes: 

  • Personalized Challenge Format:  Tiers 1-3 (10 Privates, 10 Group Equipment & 10 Mat Classes included in each Tier)

  • Return to Life by Joseph Pilates 

  • PMA Study Guide

  • Limited Practical & Observational Hours toward Comprehensive Teacher Training 

  • Other related Workshops, Handouts included in tuition

  • Practical Written Exams**

Additional Fees:
Exclusive Manuals:  $250, Materials & Manuals Fee Due on course day one


Mixed Privates & Classes $2,197.00 / All Private Option $2,847.00

Tier 4 (Mastery) Program Includes:

  • 90-Day Challenge, Intermediate/Advanced & Mastery Level Mat, Reformer, Trapeze, Wunda Chair & Ladder Barrel and small apparatus

  • PMA Lab & Lecture Workshop Modules for a Professional Career in Teaching Pilates: Movement Fluency Cueing, Pilates Scope of Practice, the Business of Pilates, Contraindications & Special Populations, Examination and Test-out preparation (18 hours)

  • Pilates Method Alliance Study Guide Comprehensive Review

  • Final Practical & Written Test Out**


*Exact hours may vary between phases but they will always add up to the required PMA hours before the Comprehensive Training Course is completed.

**Retaking exams is subject to additional fees.

NOTE:  There is an application process to enroll in our program.  Please get a doctor's approval before embarking on any physical training regime.


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