Move. Nourish. Thrive.

What we do at Playhouse Pilates and @PilatesSmarts is all about being CENTER STRONG.  Focusing on the ABS and LEGS interchangeably!  This is about exploring how the abdomen and the legs interact to either build our health or break it down!  And, about launching our Nutrition & Digestive Health Programwhich explores whether the healthy foods we’re eating are actually building our bodies strong or, not nourishing us at all and why.  

When we have the Knowledge and the Strength to know how to lift ourselves in relationship to gravity – literally out of our legs in order to free the hips, knees, ankles and feet! – the freedom of movement is astonishing!

1.) Abdominal Length.  Proper core muscle recruitment both during and outside of specific exercises, will make an enormous difference in how your organs function.  Abdominal Length also allows the lungs to align to improve how you breathe,  reducing pressure on your heart and the crowding of all other organs in your abdomen.  Worth it?  YES!

2.)  Legs.  Our legs provide us with ongoing support and circulation.  Walking is an amazing form of healing.  In my opinion, everything we’re doing in our Studio is designed to improve our lives outside-of-the-Studio!  At the center of this is improving Walking and Moving.  The mechanical act of Walking after a meal has been long understood to be beneficial, but why is it so effective at promoting healthy digestion?  

3.)  Nutrition & Digestive Health.  How is our nourishment getting to our cells…or not..? Let’s face it, if we eat the most healthy, organic, expensive, home prepared food available and if we’re not digesting it then how is it going to improve our health..?  

We have several ways of measuring how our clients are actually digesting and assimilating what they consume and the results are truly enlightening!  It is not just about what we’re eating!  How can our food come into alignment with our cells..?  In June we’re launching our our game-changing Nutrition & Digestive Health program in order to help you understand MindBody Nourishment in a way that is unique, effective and as simple to incorporate as possible to optimize your health and results.  

This program is many years in the making including a life-long passion for looking at how what we put in our bodies literally helps us become who we are and how we’ll move through time.  It has taken time and thoughtful research to find the right combination of education and products.  Seeing what works and what does not and to finally bring it to you is such a Joy!  Stay tuned and get on our mailing list for the latest updates.