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Whether you are a beginner or and experienced practitioner of Pilates, our studio specializes in Private and Semi-Private sessions in a friendly and welcoming setting for all ages, genders and fitness levels . We offer state of the art programs and equipment for whole body wellness and better living.

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Since 2007, Playhouse Pilates has offered traditional Pilates as well as innovative wellness and performing arts services and products. Our teachers are trained and experienced with availability seven days a week for classes, private sessions and workshops. Playhouse Pilates is founded on the belief that people of all ages and genders can transform their health and lifestyle through optimal alignment and movement training and, our community ranges from 9 to 94 years old.





Pilates is a unique system of rehabilitation and conditioning built on a combination of yoga, gymnastics, boxing, dance and even Spartan Regimens!  Though eclectic in its roots, Pilates is its own system centered around a sequence of movements that focus on the area known as the ‘core’, consisting of the abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and buttocks. In modern Pilates we like to call it the ‘Powerhouse’! Pilates is a positive form of movement-based exercise that can truly be tailored to any level of fitness.



Sometimes we all need a goal to motivate us. That’s why Playhouse Pilates designed its challenges. You will see and feel real results! Pilates uses challenging but gentle and effective exercises to transform not only your body but your mind. Our studio believes in the power of Pilates to create long lasting changes to both body and mind that an every day gym environment just can’t give.


90 Day Great Body Challenge

In just 30 sessions over 90 days you will see and feel real results! Our 90 Day Challenge program offers Private or a combination of Semi-private and Private mat and equipment classes so you get the maximum benefit of a tailored pilates practice. 

 “Pilates is the complete coordination of body, mind and spirit”


Pilates Mastery & Teacher Training

450-Hour Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training & Continuing Education


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