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Yamuna Body Rolling®

Yamuna Foot Fitness: Foot, Ankle, Knee & Hip

NEW DATE!! Sunday, March 24, 2019, 3:00-5:00 PM

$189.00 without YBR gear

$139 with own YBR gear

Yamuna Body Rolling ("YBR") is a unique system that uses specially designed balls for stimulating bone, tendon and muscle. We combine this work with Pilates concepts of core and movement for a mind-body class you will become addicted to! 

Pilates+YBR is currently offered by Appointment and Special Workshops only.


Peak Performance Foundation Package

Learn how to gain poise, achieve vocal and physical confidence, process anxiety, organize your thoughts, inspire and exercise your imagination and more through our workshops and classes in Performing Artist Pilates™ and Acting.

Our Performing Arts Private, Semi-Private and small Group Acting classes offer professional instruction in techniques that may apply to media training, on-camera or stage work (including classical Shakespearean).



Book a Private session in person or online

Headshotology is an examination of what makes a working headshot from a Chekhov Peak Performance acting point-of-view and not your Facebook profile perspective.  

This 90-minute Workshop includes guidelines for mapping out your unique photoshoot like working with a photographer as well as make-up, hair professionals and, how to decide what to wear (and not wear!).  Tips from some top Los Angeles photographers will also be included.  

Please bring your head shots with you if have them!  

Workshop minimum: 6.   

This can also be booked as a Private Session with Charlyn d’Anconia.



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