Yamuna Face Saver Kit

Book a Private Yamuna Face Saver Session or join, or invite friends to create a class with us and we can show you how to create your own home care strategy.  This system can greatly diminish stress patterns in the face, scalp and neck.  Alignment of the face and the face with the body can create an immediate and long term sense of well-being.  Opportunities for Alignment are what we offer at Playhouse Pilates!  Yamuna Zake clearly articulates her philosophy in this 2-minute video.

“Ten years of ‘tweaking’ sinus medications for pain, dryness and congestion?  Gone after the first 3 Yamuna Face Saver Sessions!  The discomfort has never returned.  Very happy with this gentle, effective process – and now my husband is using it, too!”  Yvonne D., Alta Dena


Yamuna Face Saver Kit: $80.00

This Kit includes: Face Saver Two Ball Set, DVD & Carrying Sachet

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CONTRAINDICATIONS:  Before you purchase a kit or participate in any Yamuna Face Saver Session please note: Yamuna Face Saver (YFS) may help prolong the effects of injectable procedures and can tone muscles after face lifts, HOWEVER, the contraindications to participate in our workshop or to use of YFS products & services include: 30 days since injection Treatments such as, Botox, Restylane or other; at least one year since a Face Lift and; Never, if you have had wire lifting implants. NOTE: It is your responsibility to inform the YFS teacher of any treatments or surgeries. You may do so privately before the class. All information is personal and confidential. PLEASE NOTIFY US OF ANYTHING THAT MIGHT RESTRICT YOUR PARTICIPATION IN OUR FACE PROGRAM.