Essential Oils Class Sat Dec 12 @ 10:30 AM


SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2015 10:30-12:00 noon

In this 90-minute workshop you will be introduced to Epoch Essential Oils and their many uses: 5 blends and 6 individual oils including Frankincense, Ginger, Tea Tree, Lavender, Lemon & Peppermint. We will be hand making personalized clay diffusers. You can make up to 8 and are welcome to bring stamps, small shells or jewelry to customize and we will have some on hand. 
Please dress to play with clay and bring a container to take your pieces home!
We also have some Epoch Essential Oils & Diffusers for sale
• $5.00 Materials Fee  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER – IT’S FREE!

Two of our favorite Blends are MOVE and UNWIND!

EPOCH MOVE is an expensive blend but the potential benefits are remarkable for muscle soreness and stiffness.  Sign-Up and Save 20%!

EPOCH UNWIND is a wonderful, relaxing blend that can be used as a spray or mixed with blending oil or unscented hand or body lotion.  Sign-Up and Save 20%!

We offer Spa Parties that include education about how to incorporate Epoch Essentials into your daily beauty, health and wellness choices.  These events are a fun and effective way to connect with our community of incredible partners, clients and teachers!


“I have used essential oils for over 25 years both personally and with clients as body scrubs and for  occasional swelling and muscle soreness but I found the quality of the the aroma to really vary!  I would buy the same brand of Lavender Oil, for example, from the the same company multiple times and would love the smell of one bottle but the next would not be as great.  With EPOCH their essential oils are sourced from partner growers not from a general pool and the raw materials are DNA tested to consistently be the exact ingredient.  Even still they test for contaminants, synthetics, heavy metals and toxins.  So I feel confident that inhaling them and using them topically is safe.”   

Charlyn d’Anconia, MA, PMA-CPT, CPNH Owner, Playhouse Pilates