The Pilates Reformer


The Pilates Reformer or, the Reformer, is a unique machine invented by Joseph H. Pilates that offers total body training and conditioning.  It is designed so that one can lie down to fully extend the spine or, sit, kneel, stand on, stand on all sides of and, also add other accessories and apparatus to transform it into a variety of configurations to condition the body and mind.  

The use of Springs as opposed to weights and pulleys is a distinct characteristic among many of the Reformer, and other Pilates Apparatus, when compared to other types of workout equipment.  Made of wood or metal with leather detailing, the Reformer generally has the look or feel of a piece of furniture more than a piece of equipment.   Because Pilates exercises are controlled, whole-body movements Pilates equipment, like the Reformer, require an understanding of how to optimally interact with and use.  There are no diagrams on the side to show you the exact muscle you are working like a Cybex machine, for example.  Incredibly versatile, you can do an entire circuit of different exercises on this single machine!  This is what makes it extremely effective, efficient and popular.  We add a platform to the Reformer for our JumpBoard/Reformer Classes that creates a low to no-impact, dynamic, Pilates+cardio combination experience!

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