ageLOC “Pearls”

Enhance the way your skin ages - not just the way it looks - and embrace the youthful effect of ageLOC® Tru Face® Essence Ultra “Pearls” with Ethocyn


Tru Face® Essence Ultra. “Pearls” with Ethocyn can enhance the way your skin appears to age create youthful effects. Formulated with the power of Ethocyn,® Nu Skin’s firming specialist also employs our revolutionary healthy aging science, targeting the sources of aging that lead to the loss of firmness, tone and youthful facial contouring.  Enjoy firmer, younger looking skin today and in the future.

Ingredients & Benefits:

• ageLOC® Proprietary Blend—targets the sources of aging.
• Ethocyn®—a healthy-aging ingredient that has been clinically proven to improve the key component of firm skin.★
• Helps contour and firm the skin to restore a more youthful YOU.
• Defines and contours skin around the eyes, neck, chin, and jawline.
• Antioxidant Network—helps protect the skin from free radicals.

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“While lying on the treatment table with my massage therapist the other day, she asked me what I had changed in my skin care routine and/or if I’d had ‘some work done’. I told her I had started using the ‘Pearls’ and asked what she noticed that was different. She said, ‘Well, when you lie down your face doesn’t fall farther than your hairline anymore…’ Wow! I had now idea that it was doing that! Thanks, Charlyn and the Pearls!” Martina F.

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★Chantal Burnison invented the Ethocyn molecule and developed Ethocyn Serums using the most up to date research and skin care ingredients. She is an American biochemist, inventor, and attorney, and the COO of BCS Pharma Corporation. See this link for more information:

Watch a real-time “Pearl” demonstration in the video below:

Tutorial: Ageloc pearls demo