“I work with Charlyn privately once a week and religiously attend her Saturday morning BalleCore & Yamunua Body Rolling Pilates Classes!  Pilates has changed my attitude about fitness and my life.  I now regularly take dance classes, which I would never have imagined doing before because I had so much pain in my feet and back.  I am now pain free, flexible, in shape and her classes are always fun!”  Anna H., Los Angeles

“Hi Charlyn:   Wow, I got SO much out of my [two hour] session with you. Thank you!! Yoga felt very different — a lot more dynamic — and I walked away from the class less tight rather than more (as had been the case–so funny that my pattern had been to go from yoga to rolling on the foam rollers!).  I took [my dance/exercise] class this morning, consciously adjusting knees and abs as I went, pausing to align through the whole session every time we changed positions for new exercises. It was great, and made all the difference. The usual pains just weren’t there, and the muscle work was definitely distributed differently. I will check in with you to see if I can absorb more of your movement magic. It really was *magic*!”  Donna G., Los Angeles

“Pregnancy and being a new mother to a colicky baby wreaked havoc on my lower back, left shoulder and right hip.  When my doctor recommended Pilates to help me heal and strengthen my body, I knew that I needed more than a one-size-fits-all Pilates instructor.  I needed someone who understood the pre- and post-partum changes which had affected my physical health, and someone who could help strengthen my whole body in the context of my various injuries.

After my first session with Charlyn, I knew I had found what I was looking for.  Her body mechanics and rehabilitation expertise are greater than that of any physical therapist I have worked with, and she has a deep understanding of pre-partum and post-partum considerations in body work.  She also has a wonderful ability to explain the basis of all the work she does with you, which I find both motivating and fascinating.

Although my time commitment with Charlyn has been only one hour a week in private session, my core muscles are stronger than they were when I was a five-day-a-week gym regular, and my total body is well on it’s way to being pre-pregnancy strong.  It’s a pleasure to step into her quiet studio every week — both invigorating and soothing at the same time — just what a new Mom needs.”  Heidi P., Pasadena, CA

“Charlyn takes an interest in all aspects of my health and well being and has gone above and beyond Pilates in referring me to other health care professionals that I need including physicians, chiropractic care, massage, cranio-sacral therapy, alexander technique, feldenkrais…you name it.  Her knowledge base seems endless and she has connections across the board!
When I recently found out that I would have to move away, Charlyn didn’t miss a beat in helping me locate a great instructor in my new home town and worked out a home program for me to do in the meantime.  I am confident to attend any Pilates session or class because I know that I have a solid foundation from Charlyn’s solid and caring teaching.”  Trisha W., Seattle, WA

“Charlyn is simply the best teacher!  She knows her stuff and she can communicate too, and she does it so effortlessly! With a lot of humor, caring and expertise she pushes me to the limit.  Who knew that proper breathing could be that challenging?!  I am in the shape of my life and have started water skiing again.”   Nina O., Los Angeles, CA

“After doing Pilates for about a year, my lower back pain got worse!  Immediately after I switched and started working with Charlyn, my back pain subsided and I finally began to feel what the Pilates Powerhouse is all about.  Combined with the Yamuna Body Rolling program that Charlyn has taught me, I now have many options in a Home and Travel program, tailor made for me, to take care of myself between my sessions and when I’m on the road – I don’t travel without YBR kit.  I like it so much I actually do it!!”
Cedd M., Los Angeles, CA