Body Burn 30



I heard someone say that the smartest money-making idea in the world would be to open a gym called “Resolutions” on January 1st, collect dues for the year, and then turn it into a bar called “Regrets” on February 1st.

If you could use a little boost as we roll through February, think about what makes a health plan successful. A higher protein diet typically enhances metabolism and supports healthy weight loss. For example, a whey protein smoothie with a serving of fruit typically provides great energy and reduces cravings for food. However, some people seem to get even hungrier between meals as a result of a high protein meal. Studies show that green tea can curb your appetite as a solution for this problem.

Additionally, a higher-protein meal invariably contains higher amounts of glutamate, which is vital to your body’s energetic systems. Such glutamate is broken down by an enzyme called glutamate dehydrogenase (GDH). A new study shows that the polyphenols from green tea (epigallocatechin gallate – EGCG) can compensate for the inefficient or even absent function of this important enzyme.

Whether you enter the Body Burn 30 Program program or not all of the the products in this package are available for individual purchase. This program is designed to help you apply the 3 pillars of success: exercise, diet, and supplementation. Protein Boost is a vegetable based, high-quality protein to help keep your metabolic engine going. Tegreen 97 includes Catechins found naturally in green tea which are shown to support healthy cell function and structure by neutralizing harmful free radicals that can be produced while working out. Now you can get them both in an affordable package deal.