It’s a new year…how are you feeling???

Happy 2018! How are you feeling???

Since October, it has felt like party season for many. Halloween came first with goodies from parties or just raiding your kid’s trick or treat stash. Next came Thanksgiving, with its rich food and heavy desserts. And then December brought work celebrations, friend gatherings, and family to-dos. Food. Blah. Then add to this the alcohol that inevitably becomes part of the celebration (let’s face it, you‘ll be more comfortable in that Wonder Woman costume with a few glasses of wine in you), and you’ve got a recipe for feeling, well, kinda lousy.

Enter Pharmanex Digestive Formula to transition your gut from party to real life. This full-spectrum enzyme formula includes artichoke extract, which can not only help lower cholesterol and fight against bacteria and fungi, it can also protect the liver and reduce alcohol-induced hangover symptoms by easing nausea. It also has a strong effect on the body’s enzymes that increase in bile production and stimulate liver function. This all helps your body recover from over-consumption.

“Enzymes are an integral part of the digestive process. Ideally, the human body is capable of producing these same enzymes with the exception of cellulose. Most natural food enzymes are essentially destroyed during cooking or food production. Supplemental enzymes improve the level of digestion and help assure that the maximum level of nutrition absorption is obtained.” – Pharmanex Digestive Formula Product Page

Pharmanex Digestive Formula also contains Ginger which is a powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea and also helps maintain healthy blood sugar, helps burn Fat and Raises Metabolism, reduces the effects of toxic chemicals, improves brain function and healing and contributes to beneficial gut bacteria.

It’s a great time to get yourself feeling better and a great habit to have for the holidays when they hit in 2018! Keeping your body functioning a high level will let you enjoy the entire year.

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