The BalleCore Workout®


If you want ballet results without the ‘ballet class’ and Pilates core, tone and balance without the traditional Pilates mat class and, you want the stretch capacity of yoga asanas without ‘holding’ then this class is for you!  

The BalleCore Workout, or BalleCore®, as seen in the popular book, The BalleCore Workout, by Molly Weeks, is an innovative 55-minute class with a seamless blend of Pilates, Ballet and Yoga choreographed to music.  Unlike other ‘barre’ classes, the patented BalleCore barre is not fixed to the wall and thus allows for a infinite number of creative exercises that will work your core, back, legs and arms as well as train your balance and refresh your mind.  Though there is no dancing, you will move as a good portion of the class is done standing!  This class has a great pace that can keep you in a fat-burning mode throughout.  Open to all levels of fitness at this time.
See our BalleCore Page for more information .  Charlyn Huss d’Anconia is the West Coast Teacher Trainer for BalleCore, LLC.

This class is scheduled on a workshop basis so it does not occur every week.  You can book your BalleCore® session as a Private, Duo or with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 people you can book your own Semi-Private Class!   This is a superb class to book as one of our Bridal, Bachelorette or Birthday Spa Parties!  

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