TR90: Nutritional Body Contouring


TR90 = Total ReDesign in 90 Days

A note from Charlyn  “I have never endorsed a ‘weight reduction’ shake program before the Pharmanex were introduced to me, and believe me, I have seen it all and have been approached by many companies about ‘weight loss’ programs.  Because muscle weighs 10 TIMES MORE THAT FAT, yes 10 x more!   This means that rapid ‘weight loss’ reflects that the body is usually losing muscle as well as fat and when the program is completed people gain back even more fat than they lost because they’ve shrunk their Body Engine (i.e. muscle)!  In the last 8 months I am seeing real results with my clients with the TR90 Nutritional Body Contouring Program.  Real results means that there is a visible re-contour of the body, narrowing of the waist and measurable muscle mass with a reduction of fat.  Clients are reporting that they have more energy and a sense of well being and that the program is easy to follow for 30, 60 or 90 days.  Nutrition is at the heart of mind-body transformation because we really are what we eat and what we eat will either enhance our success with exercise or not.  I try to only focus on things that are healthy and work!” Check out our products linked to our Shop Page and email us with questions 







You can purchase LifePack Nano separately Item #01003610 – LifePack Nano has the highest bioavailability with a first-ever nanotechnology process and advanced levels of key healthy-aging nutrients in a comprehensive formula available exclusively through Pharmanex.  The Life Pak family of supplements represent a nutritional supplement accepted by the Olympic Committee for athletes’ use.  Why?  Because capsule per capsule the LifePak supplements have been tested by 3 independent labs to 1) be toxin-free and 2) to have in them both the ingredients and the amounts that the package says they have. Learn more and order TR90 products email:

FOOD!  Preparing and sharing food is elemental to a Healthy Lifestyle.  Using Simple, Fresh and Local ingredients can make all the difference in our efforts to sustain a healthy, trim and flexible body.  Check out our FOOD PAGE coming Summer 2019!