Yamuna Face Saver Class 2016


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Every one participates gets 2 TruFace Essence Ultra “Pearls.”  What’s a pearl?  Click here to learn more.

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Reservations Required!


This is so much more than an aesthetic practice. The release of tension of the jaw, the eyes, the mouth, forehead, scalp and neck has an incredible effect on our overall feeling of well-being! We are stimulating bone, tendon and muscle groups of the face. The work refreshes body and mind.

The truth is that we can work the muscles of the face, just like we work with the natural structure of the body to rebuild tone, increase circulation and reduce tension.

Some people ask, “How is the Face is related to a body program like Pilates…”  Stating it that clearly it seems obvious before they even finish their statement! 

Our face and skull are part of our body and in our YBR, Pilates and other programs we are consistently striving to align your skull with your spine and support this alignment throughout the musculoskeletal systems of the body.

Once you experience the lift and tone of your face that comes from improved posture, wouldn’t you want to continue to work on your face more specifically?  If you are suffering from TMJ, stress, jaw tightness, squinting and frowning you may notice a difference immediately in how you feel and look from the Yamuna Face Saver Class and Kit. There are contraindications that apply to participating.  See contraindications below.

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Kits are $80.00. Ask if in stock!  Makes a great gift!  

Prices for Classes & Private Sessions vary with your own YFS Kit or not.  See pricing for Classes, Private Sessions and Packages.

*CONTRAINDICATIONS: YFS may help prolong to effects of injectable procedures and can tone muscles after face lifts, HOWEVER, certain contraindications to participate in our workshop or use YFS include: 3-4 weeks after a Botox, Restylane or other injection Treatment; one year after a Face Lift and; Never, if you have had wire lifting implants. NOTE: It is your responsibility to inform the YFS teacher of any treatments or surgeries. You may do so privately before the class. All information is personal and confidential. PLEASE NOTIFY US OF ANYTHING THAT MIGHT RESTRICT YOUR PARTICIPATION IN OUR FACE PROGRAM.  

This video clip gives you a glimpse at a class and a chance to hear Yamuna Zake herself share a bit of her philosophy.