Yamuna Body Rolling (“YBR”)


Since 2007 PLAYHOUSE PILATES has regularly offered a Weekly YBR CLASS and we host classes and workshops to teach YBR® moves and concepts that will kick up any exercise and nutrition plan you’ve chosen to maintain optimal flexibility, health and body contour:  Our YBR Classes and Workshops will empower your practice! We encourage clients to use the YBR® products on their own and to join us for classes and privates for fresh information and tune-ups!  

YBR is a unique, inexpensive system that uses specially designed balls (ranging from 4″-10″) for stimulating bone, tendon and muscle. This work is an amazing, fresh approach to self-care, toning, stretching, strengthening and conditioning the body. YBR materials will be provided for your use during our classes and we have YBR accessories and DVDs in stock to purchase.  

You can Book any of our Yamuna Body Rolling Programs as Private, Semi-Private Sessions, Classes, Workshops, or for On- and Off-Site Retreats & Parties:

Yamuna Body Rolling:
Save Your Spine
Save Your Upper Back
Save Your Mid-Back
Save Your Lower Back
Save Your Shoulders
Save Your Knees
Save Your Calves
Save Your Hips
Save Your Feet
Save Your Abs
Yamuna Body Rolling Kits – See our Shop Page

Other YBR Programs include:
Pilates Mat with YBR
Pilates Machine with YBR
Yoga with YBR
Standing Yoga Asanas with YBR

Yamuna Face Saver:
Private & Duo Session
Save Your Face Workshop/Class – 75-90 minutes
Yamuna Face Saver Kits & Session Packages – See our Body Rolling Page

“If, at the age of 30, you are stiff and out of shape, you are old. If, at 60, you are supple and strong, then you are young!”
Joseph H. Pilates