Jumpboard Reformer


On the Allegro Reformer

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This is not a traditional Pilates Reformer Class!   Pricing is the same as the Semi-Private Equipment Classes (Click here for pricing).


The JumpBoard or Platform is a Joe Pilates Original creation and part of the Universal Reformer Repertoire.  In these classes we use a light spring resistance that is Low to No-Impact on your joints, but delivers a superb Cardio, Toning, Strengthening and Flexibility Experience.  

WHAT TO EXPECT AS A CLIENT: These classes are open to anyone interested in Pilates Exercise and has an okay from their Health Care Provider to Participate in an exercise program.  Come dressed comfortably and ready to move.  No shoes are required, but socks may be more comfortable.  

Requirements to participate: 
You do not need to have experience with Pilates or, the Pilates Reformer to participate, but of course it is helpful if you do.  You will gain experience and knowledge of Pilates, just like if you were to take a beginner Pilates Mat class.  You will need to inform the instructor of your background, any injuries or surgeries and experience and there is a brief orientation to the machine at the beginning of each class for first time participants.  

Pilates Sessions were never intended to be mindless routines that are done by rote*.  There is a learning process and progression that allows for life long conditioning and well-being at whatever level you are.  As we have more and more classes, you will have the opportunity to participate and progress at your own pace, even in the semi-private session.  Click here for more information about Equipment Classes.

*rote 1 (r t). n. 1. A memorizing process using routine or repetition, often without full attention or comprehension: learn by rote. 2. Mechanical routine. …